10 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Keto

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Keto:

The things you shouldn’t do on keto for so, so many reasons. Want success on the diet? Watch!
There are so many things I did that I shouldn’t have done when I was starting with the keto diet. When I first started eating keto, it felt like a “race” to the finish line. I was pushing so hard, eating so little, trying to get into ketosis as quickly as possible. My goal was weight loss and weight loss only. I restricted, I went to bed hungry, and after awhile, my hair began falling out and I couldn’t sleep to save my life. It sucked.
Now, I’ve taken a much milder approach. I’m kind to my body, I’ve learned to listen when I’m hungry, tired, or have the energy to BUST out an intense workout.
While some prescribe to the balls to the wall form of keto, I just couldn’t do it anymore. Now, I continue to maintain ketosis… but on my OWN terms. Today, I’m sharing with you the 10 things you shouldn’t do on keto so that you can avoid the funk that so, so many of us do when we go on a ketogenic diet, and go straight to success and happiness.
In addition to my experiences, I paneled the Healthful Pursuit keto community on what they wish they hadn’t done when they were first starting out with keto.
This could just change everything for you.

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