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Microsoft, Facebook Just Made A 160 Tbps Internet Cable, Can Stream 71 Million HD Movies
In collaboration with Facebook and Telxius, Microsoft has announced the completion of the world’s highest capacity undersea internet cable. Known as Marea (means ‘tide’ in Spanish), the cable runs across the Atlantic ocean connecting Virginia (US) to Bilbao (Spain). The company says it took them less than two years to lay... Read more
Java 9 Released — 9 Biggest Features & Download Links Are Here
ava 9 has been finally released. The programming enthusiasts would be pretty relieved as Java 9 Standard Edition was previously delayed due to modularity controversy. Find Java SE Development Kit 9 Downloads here. JDK 9 is the first major upgrade to standard Java edition since March 2014. It comes loaded with... Read more
India Is Building Its First Ever Quantum Computer
Quantum computer is a new breed of computing machines whose true potential is yet to be explored by humans. China has also made their name by building quantum computers. Similarly, in the private space, D-Wave and IBM are known for their quantum computing products. According to a report by The Hindu, the... Read more
Which Programming Language Should I Learn To Get A Job At Google, Facebook, or Amazon?
The choice of programming language acts as a big factor for a novice in the world of programming. If one stumbles upon a language whose syntax is too complex, one would definitely reconsider learning it. But, what if you’ve crossed that entry barrier and you’re looking to make a... Read more
Find AnyOne On The Internet.Use These 10 Websites to Find People on the Internet
Has it ever happened to you that you go to a party, and you meet someone but you forget to ask for their phone number? Have you ever tried to contact your old friends from school whom you’re not in touch with anymore? Have you ever missed someone really... Read more