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Top 10 Password Managers (Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and Mac) for [2017]!!! Top 10 Password Managers (Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and Mac) for [2017]!!!
We all find trouble with using passwords. Passwords surely help us a lot in our lives but their should be an easy way to... Top 10 Password Managers (Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and Mac) for [2017]!!!

We all find trouble with using passwords. Passwords surely help us a lot in our lives but their should be an easy way to manage them. If you’re finding a good password manager, then this list is definitely for you. Read on about all the features of the top 10 password managers for Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and Mac operating systems.

In this list at number 10 we have the Sticky Password application. The qualities of this application are that it has a version to it in which it is portable in a USB. This unique software is downloadable as a free download and as a paid download as well. In it you can have sticky passwords and even sync your data to the clouds.

At number 9 we have the Password Depot software. This app lets you safely store your passwords. It can also encrypt them for extra safety measures. You feel convenient as there is an option for importing of passwords as well. The application is downloadable in your android smartphone as well as iphone. It comes as a trial version for 30 days but if you wish you can buy it for around $30.

At number 8 we have the Enpass software. With this great software in your hands you are never going to forget any password ever again. It fits perfectly in your browser and you can have ultimate, safe and strong passwords. It also gives you a fingerprint lock. It is free but for extra features you have to pay a price for around $10.

At number 7 we have the DashLine password manager. It has a lot of functions available in it. You already know how secure AES 256 bit encryption is. It provides that and along with that, it also gives you the ability to store you cards in it. It’s truly a great password manager. It offers you it’s full powers till 30 days from downloading so that you can test the full extent of its capabilities.

At number 6 we have the Keeper Desktop application. The authentication techniques that are used by this application for your security beat most of the other similar apps in the field. The software provides an ultra secure vault where you can store all your digital data safely such a your photos, videos and other personal stuff.

At number 5 we have the KeepPass software. Everybody loves open source as well as free software. That’s the best part about this software too. You can play with a lot of functions in it. This is perhaps the only password manager that provides so many customizable options. It provides you full freedom as well as safety for your passwords.

At number 4 we have the 1Password application. This is another application that provides one of the securest means of protecting your passwords and securing your data, which is the AES 256 bit encryption method to encrypt data. A great feature about this app is that once you upgrade your application at around $3 per month, you will unlock the capability to share a password with other users of this app and much more!

At number 3 we have the Roboform software. This is probably the best software that you can use to sync your passwords among devices. It has just extra ordinary qualities when it comes to that. Another cool thing about it is the ease of use. This app is downloadable for free but in order to have premium capabilities which are available to it you have to pay a price of around $10.

At number 2 we have the truekey software. This software beats all the others in terms of convenience as well as security. It gives the master password option also, which is a rare option that can only be found in a few softwares like this one itself. The maximum number of passwords you can keep safe with this great app is 15 but to increase the number you have to pay a price of around $20.

At numbe 1 we have the LastPass application. After installing this application, you never have to worry about filling your login data automatically. The app does all the jobs for you. It has almost all the features that one would love to have in a password manager software. The app gives you options like password sharing and syncing the data. To enjoy the full extent of this app’s features, pay a price of around $12 and stay worry-free for the rest of the year.

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