Top 10 media player alternatives for MX Player you must have in Android


A Media player is a must have an application nowadays. Choosing a good one is not easy. This list will provide you with some of the best options available. They prove to be good alternatives for MX player. The ranking is done on the base of their codecs, features, and interfaces.

  1. Dice Player is a great media player. It has got support for the most popular codecs. It also supports streaming. Hardware acceleration is also possible on this player. To talk about its features, it lacks some of them. This is still a great option among media players.
  2. Mobo Player is really popular on android devices. It is available for free trial. The player gives a lot of features to the users, including subtitle support. The player supports a lot of codecs which is a good thing. It has some really cool features.
  3. Gplayer has got something different from other media players. The specialty of this media player is that, it can play videos in a window on your phone so that you can do other work while watching movies.
  4. Feather music player is a light application, as the name suggests. It tries to keep a minimal interface. Unlike some other media players it is not very memory consuming and just plays the media nicely.
  5. BS player is a basic application that has support for a large variety of codecs. It comes in two versions, one is free and the other one paid. It’s simply another great video player.
  6. The Vlc media players is one of the most popular video players out there. It runs on many number of devices. The player has a great interface and it has good performance. It’s free and it’s one of the best.
  7. Rock player is a media player with which you can share videos with your friends who also use this application. The player provides all the basic functionality among with some cool features.
  8. KM player is a powerful media player that comes with an excellent interface. It is a good option if you want hassle-free surfing of videos in your phone.
  9. Video Player on android is another great option to choose. It works out all the basic features really well and you can watch stuff from youtube on it.
  10. The Vplayer is a nice built app. It plays videos smoothly. The app has an easy to use UI.


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