TOP 10 Addictive Websites you’ll find on the internet!!


There are just some websites that have some kind of magic into them. The make you stay on the internet for a longer period of time than you imagine. The internet is a big place. It has some wonderful websites that will make you fall in love with it. In case you feel bored, this post might help you. Here are the top 10 websites on the internet that will perhaps amuse you, entertain you and prevent you from getting bored. Give them a try and see if they become your next favorite spots on the internet!

  1. – As the name suggests, this website is built for anyone who is bored. The website’s specialty is that it will show you tons of articles, posts, funny things and other stuff that will make you roll on the floor laughing. Once you visit the website you might want to visit it even more.
  2. – This is a very random website. It contains a button. Once you press that button, the website will allow you to do random things. It may show you even a card magic trick. The interesting thing is that you will never get to know what will happen next.
  3. – Are you a comic lover? This is the website every comic lover would love to visit. The website will show you great comics that you can read. There is a huge variety of comics here. Reading comics might pass your time really well.
  4. – Watching viral videos makes us feel better. They have something in them that makes us want to watch them again. This is a website that will show you viral videos on the internet and probably have a good laugh. For those, who enjoy watching viral videos, this website is great and it does pass you time well.
  5. – This website contains great pictures and you have to solve them like you solve a jigsaw. A lot of people love solving puzzles. If you believe that you are in the need to solve a puzzle or if you find it fun to solve puzzles, this website is awesome. It has a great amount of puzzles to solve.
  6. – Are you a space lover? Have you ever wondered how many people there are in space right now? This is a really cool and amazing website that will tell you how many people there are in space at the moment. The website will tell you their country and other details about them.
  7. – The website shows you amazing viral stuff. For many people viral stuff is always fun to watch. The website contains really amusing stuff that went viral and if you want to pass your time good, visit this website.
  8. – The website has a button called distract me. If you press that, it will show you funny news articles and stuff that will make you laugh. Once you visit the website, you may get addicted to it and hence the website’s name is It really distracts you.
  9. – There are many people who love computer games. This website might just be their next favorite website. The website allows you play really good games on the internet.
  10. – The website asks you random questions where it puts you in a situation. The website then asks you what you answer would be. It is a really fun website and you can know how it is once you visit it.


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