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In a move to curb violence in the UK, British police have asked YouTube to remove between fifty and sixty music videos and more than half have already been removed from the platform. Some people have started hating youtube platform. You may wanna check top youtube alternatives. The move... Read more
RANKFURT: The billionaire founder of United Internet has urged internet providers to found a joint company to build out Germany’s high-speed broadband network, challenging market leader Deutsche Telekom to back the venture. Ralph Dommermuth said industry should take the lead on laying the glass fibre network in Germany, where just 2.5 percent of households are... Read more
Microsoft: Be Ready For Significant Slowdown Of Your Old PC After Spectre Security Patches
When The Register broke the massive side-channel attack flaws pertaining to Intel and other CPUs, it was reported that the users should expect a significant slowdown after installing the patches. Now, Microsoft has performed some benchmarking tests and offered a concrete idea of what you should expect. In a post on Microsoft’s... Read more
How Hackers Can Empty Your Bitcoin Wallet Using Your Phone Number And Email
he security of SMS-based two-factor authentication has been long-debated. Despite flaws in Signalling System No. 7 (SS7), which is an internationally used telecom protocol to route texts and calls, it continues to be used at a large scale in banking and other services. The security researchers Positive Technologies have shown how... Read more
“GPUs Will Replace CPUs In Future, Moore’s Law Is Dead” — Nvidia Founder & CEO
Moore’s Law talks about doubling the number of transistors per inch in about every two years. However, in recent years, Intel has struggled to maintain pace and comply with the Moore’s Law. Speaking at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) China 2017, in Beijing, Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang... Read more